With folded hands we are before the Great Master whose great design has been fulfilled when CMC Amala Province Kanjirappally came to existence in 1980. The annals of the province unfold the mystery of God's love and providential care which is to be ever remembered and cherished.

We record our gratitude towards our Superiors and sisters who dedicated their lives by co-operating with the Heavens design to build up our province. May the Almighty God bless them abundantly.

The Archdiocese of Changanacherry was divided and the new diocese of Kanjirappally was established on 26th February in 1977.Soon after the new diocese was set up, necessary steps were taken to bifurcate CMC unit Kanjirappally from the Mother Province Changanacherry. It was the felt need of the time, to establish convents to reach to the God's people in different parishes of high range and low range. His Excellency Mar Joseph Powathil, Bishop of Kanjirappally diocese was the motivating person for the bifurcation of the Province.

As a result, Kanjirappally was declared as Amala Region by the Superior General Mother Silvia at Holy Queen's Provincial House in Changanacherry on 26th December 1977. General Council appointed Sr. Perpetua as the first Regional Superior, Sr. Carmel and Sr. Gemma Galgani as councilors. The regional Council appointed Sr. Stella and Sr. Andria as treasurer and secretary respectively. His Excellency Mar Joseph Powathil Bishop of Kanjirappally formally inaugurated CMC Amala Region Kanjirappally on 3rd January 1978.

St. Mary's convent Kanjirappaly was considered temporarily as the Regional house. The region consisted of 194 sisters including 3 novices. There were 11 convents under the region. They were:-

1. St. Mary's Convent Kanjirappally
2. St. Bernardita Convent Inchiyani
3. Holy Family Convent Kannampally
4. St. Pious Convent Chirakkadavu
5. St. Joseph's Convent Palampra
6. Mary Queen's Convent Palampra
7. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Nettithozhu
8. Carmel Bhavan Podimattam
9. St. Elias Pulianmala
10. St. Thomas Convent Peermadu
11. Shanthi Bhavan Vallakkadavu.

We bought 7 acres and 10 cent of land at podimattam for Regional House. We commenced our first community in a thatched shed and it is kown as Asharimadom.This convent was blessed by Very. Rev. Mathew Vattakuzhy, the vicar general of the diocese of Kanjirappally and named the convent Little Flower Convent . Thus the central House was shifted from Kanjirappaly to Podimattam. As the people of high range requested for convents in their area we started convents in Kuzhitholu , Kochuthovala and Paloorkavu in 1978. We welcomed the first batch of our candidates and their aspirancy was in St. Pious convent Chirakkadavu. Little Flower Convent Podimattam served as the Regional house and Formation house then. On 27th December 1978, Amala Region witnessed the first batch of novices professed their vows.

Most of our convents were located in high range, so it was decided to shift the regional house from podimattam to Kuttickanam in Idukki district. 40 cents of land was purchased for the same. Amala Bhavan Regional House at Kuttikanam was blessed by His Excellency Mar Joseph Powathil on 15th March 1979.

Amala Region was erected as a province on 19th April 1980 by the General Synaxis and inaugurated by the Superior general Sr. Stella Maria on 15th May 1980. With the consent of the members of the province the first Provincial team was appointed by the General Council. The team members were: Mother Provincial Sr. Milani, Asst. Provincial Sr. Simon, Councillors Sr.Dominic, Sr. Pettit Treesa and Sr. Paula. Sr. Merly Rose and Sr. Christella were appointed as Secretary and treasurer respectively by the council. The first plenary members also were elected.

Due to many inconveniences it was decided to shift the Provincialate from Kuttikanam to Podimattam .But the house at podimattam was not spacious enough to meet the needs of the sisters and it was decided to function the provincialate at Kanjirappally convent.The Provincial Council took decision to construct necessary rooms for the Provincialate at Podimattam . Amala did not have a formation house of its own so we sent our novices to Ithithanam for their novitiate.

Even though we had to face financial crisis, it was an urgent need to construct the provincialate and the formation house. In 1980 August 22nd Rev. Fr. Joseph Eruthanattu the Vicar of Podimattam parish laid the foundation stone for the provincial house. Amala faced lots of struggles and strains during the construction period due to financial crisis and impediments. A small portion of the provincialate was blessed by His Excellency Mar Joseph Powathil on 31st May 1981. 4 of our sisters professed their Final vows during the first Holy Mass celebrated there. The first floor of the provincialate was completed and the Chapel was shifted to the new building. On 11th Oct. 1982 His Excellency Mar Powathil officiated the blessing of the new building.

The first provincial chapter was held on 15th Dec.1982 at Podimattam and Sr. Milani was elected as the Provincial Superior of Amala Province Kanjirappally. Construction work of the Provincialate was almost completed in 18th March 1984 and it was blessed by His Exec. Mar Joseph Powathil. His Excellency Mar Joseph Powathil appointed as the Arch Bishop of the Arch Diocese of Changanassery in 1986 and we bid him farewell in a solemn function. We gratefully remember his support, concern and love towards our province.

We bow our heads before the Almighty God for His abundant blessings upon us and we thankfully recall all the redemptive pains undergone by the Provincial Sr. Milani and her councilors of their tenure. In 1993 a new Formation house - Pushparam Study House was completed at Chamampathal and the novitiate was shifted to that place.

The mission region assigned to Kanjirappally Amala Province was Bhutan, it was later entrusted with Rajasthan mission in the General Chapter in 1980.Four sisters went for missionary work in Sudan (Africa) too. But they had to leave the place due to a sudden revolution in the country.

Amala is blessed with 30 houses in Kerala and we serve in three districts, i.e. Kottayam, Pathanamthitta &Idukki. Also we have 4 houses in Rajasthan, one in Maharashtra, one in Hariyana, and  one in Germany .

At present we have 336 senior sisters, 11 junior sisters and 19 candidates.We pay our prayerful homage to 50 departed souls of our province and may they rest in peace! .

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