Faith Formation

Sisters consider faith formation of the people as their prime responsibility. We have taken necessary steps to foster the prayer life of the faithful and deepen them in Christian formation. Faith Formation Team consists of 8 full timers, devote themselves for the service of the people of God.

In collaboration with the local church and the diocese various programmes have been undertaken to re-evangelize the people of God and enrich their faith dimension.

Home Mission
Home mission aims at the complete transformation of individual, family and parish, thus bring the flock to the fold of the Great Shepherd JESUS CHRIST. It has strengthened the family relationship and instilled feeling of togetherness in them. The renewed persons come together and make the parish community a communion.

We do:

Visit every house in the parish and meet every member of the family- 
Lead the people to family prayers and sacramental


  • intense study of the Word of God
  • prayer sessions
  • Counselling
  • retreat for the alcoholics
  • intercessory prayers
  • Follow-up programme.

Amala Prayer fellowship:   It is a prayer fellowship of the women of different parishes who think and pray with CMC.They are guided by our sisters through seminars and classes. They come together and take active participation in various exposure programmes.

Prayer House: The Carmelgiri Plachery is a great source of power for many. People come here for prayer, classes and counselling.

Sisters are working as animators of Mathrudeepthi in the parish and the diocese. Under the leadership of the sisters the members take keen interest in Bible studies, Logos Quiz, Liturgy, Awareness programmes and Acts of Charity and parish work.

Yuvadeepthi , KCYM
The animators of Yuvadeepthi, KCYM lead the youth towards the divine love of Christ. Various programmes such as retreats, Bible studies, Choir, cultural activities are conducted for the spiritual formation of our youth. .

We engage ourselves not only in parish work but extend our ministry to the neighbouring parishes (Konni, Vakayar, Milapra, Pampadumpara, Greenvalley, Nirmalapuram, Mangapara, and Podimatam). We go for catechism classes and help them grow in their faith.

Trained sisters for counseling render their help to the needy .The services rendered by Marian counselling centre, Mar Aphrem Medical Centre, in this ministry are commendable. The school and college students are given counselling by our counselling team.

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