Source Of Inspiration
Saint   Kuriakose Elias Chavara, the great educationalist of the 19th century and the founder of the C.M.C Congregation is the source of inspiration and the influence of his vision and dreams permeates through our activities today. He foresaw the changes that would take place and wanted to build a society focusing on the holistic development of the individual and this is attained through academic excellence, professional competence personal, interpersonal and societal skills.

Catholic Education Policy
Catholic Education chooses to work for the total development of the young. In this process the young are helped to discover their God given talents and to work towards their fullest development as far as possible, in order to place them at the service of the community.(Pastoral Plan for Catholic Schools No.17) As the church aims at forming the intelligence in such a way that it is able to search for the truth.

Amala Province aims
Amala Province aims at bringing up the children useful to the society and nation through value oriented education. Our educational institutions take keen interest for new structures and programmes and non-formal methods to bring the benefits of literacy and learning to the people of lower economic strata and of rural areas.

Actually the parish priest and parishners of Kanjirappally parish had invited the sisters to run the school they had started already. There was such a good opinion about our schools and formation we gave to students. Later whenever a parish wanted to give good education to children they invited sisters to run schools and give Christian formation.

Through religious and moral instruction we train the students to live a life of righteousness and love in truth and justice. Through this apostolate we participate in the teaching mission of the church. From K.G to University level about 140 sisters are serving the Lord and people through the apostolate of education. Beyond the syllabus the institutions take effort to impart Gospel values in children trough skit, activities, seminars, retreats, career guidance etc. To develop the personality and to solve the problems counselling is given to students in every school. Timely inspection is done by the inspection team of the province.

Every year internal auditor audits the school accounts. 6% of the income of the Province was spending for the educational purpose. Its money we spend among economically weak section of the people. About 10% of the students get fee concession according to their need i.e., full concession, half concession etc.

We have a yearly discussion about the Catholic Education policy and CMC education policy. Members from management team meet parents at the beginning and end of the academic year. Orientation classes were given to parents and teachers either by team members or by experts.

In our schools we celebrate Christmas, Independence Day, Teachers day, School day and some national or state festivals. By that children get an idea about the importance of the day and its relevance of the day in world, India or state history. We prepare children for the scholarship exams and other competitions. It would help to develop the talents and also to face life situations.

We are having a special school too. There about 65 students and 8 teachers in the school. These students made much progress after coming to our care. Now they have a band troop of their own and they go out for band display. Our students won gold medal, two silver medals and a bronze medal in international Regional Sports meet. They too celebrated Christmas, Onam, Independence Day, Teachers Day and School Day. Sr. Teslin one of the teachers of this school won the Best Teachers Award.

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