New ventures

1. Nallasamarayan Ashram
It is established by Kanjirappally diocese to take care of the mentally challenged women. Our sisters commit themselves for the service of this neglected group and empower them mentally. Apart from medical treatment given, they are encouraged to involve in cooking, cleaning, washing, cattle rearing, agriculture and floriculture. The inmates show tremendous progress in their behavior, being nourished spiritually, mentally & physically.

2. Mar Aphrem Medical centre
Treatment to alcoholics and drug addicts and mental patients (people of physical disorders) by the psychiatry Department in the centre has brought back many to a renewed life. Mar Aphrem can be compared to a city on a hill, a solace for the mentally afflicted. Dr. Sr.Carmeli anchors the mental health programmes of the department and extends a helping hand to the neighbouring centers.

3. Marian Counselling Centre
Amala Province responded to the immediate need of the society with Marian counselling Centre which has become a full fledged counselling wing with two fulltime counsellors in the field, Sr. Regina Mary and Sr. Tessin Maria. Extensive programmes to promote mental health for the people from all walks of life from all age group have been arranged time to time by the centre.

4. Carmelgiri Prayer house
A long awaited desire of the province has been materialized at the blessing of Carmelgiri Prayer house. This Carmelgiri really opens its portal for the deep prayer and spiritual guidance to the people. Retreats and prayer sessions for the different groups are conducted.

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