With deep sentiment of love and grief only, we can remember our beloved Mother Edwina, who left us on 30th September 2002, taking leave of all pains and sufferings of this life. She started for the Fathers House, to receive from Him the eternal reward kept ready by Him it was unexpected startling news for us, as we are heard that Mother Edwina had a stroke, and became paralyzed in the train on her way to Kerala. Our provincial Sr.Shanta and assistant provincial Sr.Lisieux were traveling with her. She was taken to Ispath Hospital, Rourkela. She underwent treatment for few days, and then came back to Hazaribag. Later she was given physiotherapy in Holy Cross Hospital, Ambikapur, for more than one month, she was not able to walk by herself.

From Ambikapur, Mother was taken to Kerala for further treatment. She was staying in Kozhippilly Provincial House, and when our Mission House was ready, she started to stay in the Mission house. Towards the end of her life, she had breast cancer. Cancer spread and she was admitted in St.Josephs Hospital, Dharmagiri, Kothamangalam. Mother endured all her pains silently. Even in moments of severe pain, she served a smile to those who were close and familiar. On 30th 2003, at about 2.30 p.m, she was called for eternal rest.

Mother Edwina was a deeply spiritual person, with very great faith in God. She was a lover of penance and austerity, a true devotee of Mother Mary, and an inspiring model for all the sisters in humble living and loving service. She used to sit in prayer for long hours before the Eucharistic Lord. Though Mother Edwina left us she continues to live in the hearts of all of us. God the Father may lead our beloved Mother into Eternal Bliss.

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