Social work

Amala Service Centre
Amala Service Centre was established in the year 1988 as a Non Governmental Organization, registered under Travancore Cochin Charitable Society's Act of 1955. Initially it was begun as a school for the mentally challenged children at Vallakadavu, Kattappana, in Indukki district. Considering various needs of the people the service of the centre was extended to other target people also. Today the centre is engaged in various developmental activities including economic assistance for education, income generation and basic facilities like housing and sanitation for the marginalized population in Idukki, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta districts. The centre also undertakes promotional programmes in the field of health and Human resource development.

Snehasadan School for the Mentally Retarded Children, Kattappana
This school was started on 15th December 1987 with just five students. Today there are 60 students with various disorders. These students are from various districts of Kerala State. The school provides various therapies, capacity building and special education programmes. The school also concentrates in rehabilitating the students. Presently there are seven full time and five part time teachers and three non-teaching staff. The school follows curriculum designed under the special education programmes.

Amala Social Development Programme
The centre undertakes various promotional programmes to promote sustainable development in the rural communities of its target area. It includes:

* Economic assistance for professional courses.
* Assistance for the self employment programme.
* Housing and sanitation
Promotion of organic vegetable cultivation
Marriage and medical Aid
Relief Work
Insurance Programme
* Promotion of food security

Marian Counselling Centre Kanjirappally
Marian Counselling centre, a long cherished desire of Amala province has come true on 25th March 2008. Being touched by the needs of the people around, Amala province decided to extend its hand to them and opened it as a unit of Amala Sevice Centre. There are three staff- Sr. Regina Mary CMC(Licentiate in Psycholgy, PUG, Rome) Director, Therapist and counsellor, Sr. Tessin Maria CMC (M.S.W) Counsellor, Sr.Annie Maria CMC (B.H,R.D) , who are well qualified, experts and experienced in the field, are rendering their service here. Marian Counselling Centre is functioning from 9 am to 5 pm except Sundays and Gov. holidays..

Major Areas of functioning
Aiming at an enlightened society Marian Couselling centre is providing different services focusing different groups. The major area of our service is extending through counselling and psycho therapies. Along with this, we also reach people through different ways like personality assessments, crisis intervention, stress managements, training programmes, special training etc. Seminars for people of different age group - elderly, middle age, Youth with special reference to women & children are conducted.

Chavara Social Work Centre, Puttady
Chavara Social work centre started at Puttady in Idukki district on January 3rd 2003. Services are rendered to rural poor by providing various skill training programme, entrepreneurship development programme, and various income generation programme.

Balika Bhavan Chirakkadavu
Balika Bhavan Chirakkadavu is imparting educational facilities for the orphan children from Idukki and Kottayam district. Free education and hostel facilities have been provided to these children to rejuvenate their lives.

Sisters working in other Institutions
Peermedu Development Society& Malanadu Development society Our sisters have been associating with P.D.S & M.D.S in its various projects. At present Dr. Sr. Anitha M.S.W is holding the honour of Programme co- ordinator to promote the welfare of the people around.

Nallasamarayan Ashram
Nallasamarayan is an undertaking of the diocese of Kanjirappally. Seven of our sisters have been working for these mentally challenged women in Ashram since 1998.

Navadarshana Puliyanmala It is an undertaking of the CMI fathers in Puliyanmala, Idukki for the treatment of the Alcoholic patients. One sister has been working in this institution for 5 years.

Against Social Evils
Three of our Sisters are working for the upliftment of the drug addicts and alcoholics. Two sisters are working as full timers in this field.

Amala Service Centre is trying to facilitate and nourish the people around through its various programmes. In the midst of darkness the value of small lighted candle is great. Yes, that is what Amala Service Centre is. We hope this shining lamp may dispel the darkness around it and may light many other little candles around the world, thus it can reach each and everyone to raise them to a state where they enjoy Peace, Joy, Harmony and may become another little candle, thus let it shine for ever..

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