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With folded hands we are before the Great Master whose great design has been fulfilled when CMC Amala Province Kanjirappally came to existence in 1980. The annals of the province unfold the mystery of God’s love and providential care which is to be ever remembered and cherished. 

We record our gratitude towards our Superiors and sisters who dedicated their lives by co-operating with the Heavens design to build up our province.   May the Almighty God bless them abundantly!

 The Archdiocese of Changanacherry was divided and the new diocese of Kanjirappally was established on 26th February in 1977.Soon after the new diocese was set up, necessary steps were taken to bifurcate CMC unit Kanjirappally from the Mother Province Changanacherry. It was the felt need of the time, to establish convents to reach to the God’s people in different parishes of high range and low range. His Excellency Mar Joseph Powathil, Bishop of Kanjirappally diocese was the motivating person for  the bifurcation of the Province.

As a result, Kanjirappally was declared as Amala Region by the Superior General Mother Silvia at Holy Queens Provincial House Changanacherry on 26th December 1977.   His Excellency Mar Joseph Powathil Bishop of Kanjirappally formally inaugurated CMC Amala Region Kanjirappally on 3rd January 1978. 


Amala Region was erected as a province on 19th April 1980 by the General Synaxis and inaugurated by the   Superior General Sr. Stella Maria on 15th May 1980.


At present we have 28 houses in Kerala and we serve in three districts ie, Kottayam,Pathanamthitta ,& Idukki . And also we have one house at Lonand, Mahararastra State and one in Schweich Germany. 

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Amala Province Kanjirappally is blessed with a wonderful Gift of God –which was a long cherished dream to be fulfilled .The General Council has raised the houses of Amala Mission to the status of Amal Jyothi Region  on 21st Sept 2016.The new region was inaugurated on 29th Dec.2016 , at Mount Carmel Convent  Bagrana , Rajasthan .


At present we have 284- Senior sisters, 14- Junior sisters and  3-Novices, 7-Postulants,5- Aspirants, and 2 Candidates. We pay our prayerful homage to 66 departed souls of our province and may they rest in peace!  

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Our Milestones

1977 - Amala  Region launced

1980 - Amala Province launced

2005 - Silver Jubilee Amala Province

2020 - Ruby Jubilee

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