Apostolate an overview

Carmel Mata province has most of its houses in tribal areas. Many of our sisters work among tribals. The tribal people with whom we work fall under different groups, sandals, Pahadiyas and Mahalis in places like Godda, Baromasia, Phulwaria and Patki; Oraons in, Latehar, Ambikapur, Hazaribag and Ranchi; Oraons, Nagesias, Kuravas and Brigias in Mahuadanr and Puranpani. Ho tribe in Jhinkpani. Our sisters had to face great challenges while working among the various tribal groups, having multiple cultures, customs and traditions, different languages, dialects, other unfamiliar situations and back grounds.

In the context of our service among tribal people, our sisters teach in Hindi medium schools in Mahuadanr, Patki, Godda, Baromasia, Phulbaria, Puranpani, Karimatti and, Jhinkpani. In four of these Hindi medium schools, our sisters serve as headmistresses

The same thrust of service to the tribal flock is followed by us when we run five tribal girls hostels with very good strength in each hostel. The hostels are in Baromasia, Godda, Puranpani, Phulbaria and Patki. As the tribal girls stay with us, we have great opportunity to give them faith formation and to foster their all round development. Almost all the girls in our hostels get a chance to attend schools, only because they stay in the hostels as they come from far away villages.

Other institutions serving the tribal people are the two hospitals owned by the province, one in Mahuadanr and the other in Godda. Both hospitals are functioning in tribal areas serving the tribal communities mainly

In addition to the hospitals, we also run six health centers, all in village contexts. Centers like Baromasia, Karimatti, Puranpani, Phulwaria and Patki are in remote villages serving the village tribal folk. Latehar health center, though not in remote area, treats the tribal people mainly.

It deserves special mention that the two hospitals and all the six health centers have village extension programmes aiming at extension of health care to villages, family apostolate, community development and empowerment of tribal people especially of women. In all these centers one sister is set apart for the village extension programmes. As part of the empowerment of women we give training to tribal women for self employment, through Grihini School in Karimatti, Kishori centre in Patki, and tailoring school in Mahuadanr.

Our sisters also serve in English medium schools run by dioceses in Rewa, Godda, Latehar and Hazaribag. In Hazaribag our sisters render service in St.Xaviers school run by Jesuit fathers. We also mention that two of our sisters are working in Kerala, one sister teaches in Pavanathma College, owned by Idukki diocese and another sister works in the diocesan school at Oonnukal, Kothamangalam.

Lately the province started its own schools. At present the province owns one English medium high school in Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh, and one English medium school in Budge Budge, and a nursery school in Behala, West Bengal

It is worth mentioning that we give priority to faith formation of the children in our schools. Our sisters wherever they teach show great commitment to teach catechism and moral science and pay attention to all round development of children.

In Behala we have a working womens hostel. It offers a safe place for women working in different firms and hospitals.

Province has taken up jail ministry in two centers Latehar and Ambikapur. Sisters visit the prisoners on a regular basis and take classes on health and hygiene. They also make arrangements for Holy Mass and sacrament of reconciliation on important occasions. Sisters go to jail with volunteer students to prepare the inmates (students) to write exam.

Sisters are taking active part in the youth ministry specially Jesus youth in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. Our sisters are appointed as Jesus youth animators of the state. They are having regular prayer meetings, retreats, national conferences and cultural exchange programs.

Sisters are involved in the pastoral activities such as visiting the families and praying with them, taking communion to the sick, pray with the sick, give counseling to the needy and spreading Marian devotion and encouraging reading Holy Bible and distributing Bible to those who dont have.

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